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dysport box for injection by needles and tox during treatments


  • Avoid tight headbands and hats for 4 hours post forehead injections

  • No massages or facials for 24 hours

  • Avoid exercise at least 8 hours, preferably 24

  • Take Tylenol or Motrin if you experience Headache

  • Results may take up to 14 days to settle in

  • If by day 14 still experiencing asymmetry or incomplete block, schedule a touch up via online booking

microneedling device for use by needles and tox during treatments


  • No washing treatment area or applying products x 4-6 hours, if tolerable​

  • After 4-6 hours, or when no longer tolerable, you may rinse with water and no soap

  • No sun exposure for first 12 hours

  • The only product that should be applied before 12 hours is the white Lift Gel

  • After 12 hours, you may spot check a small area with sunscreen, make up, or moisturizer.

  • If no pain or sensation, then microchannels are likely closed, proceed with applying SPF

  • If you do experience pain, do not apply any other products other than Lift or Rescue gel. Wear a hat for all outdoor activities.

  • By 24 hours, the microchannels should be closed. Repeat spot check. If no pain, apply moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup as normal. 

  • Once channels are closed, reapply sunscreen to skin every 3 hours during the day for 4-7 days post treatment

  • May experience mild to moderate peeling/flaking. Moisturize.

  • Hold retinols or other harsh products until completely healed

  • slight bruising, petechiae, redness, and a sunburned look are expected after microneedling.

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