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Loyalty Club


Every loyalty club member gets a free Needles & Tox Custom Essentials Skincare Bundle ($300 value) upon signing up and saves on every service at N&T

Skin Pen for Medical Microneedling


with SkinPen Technology


3 session Anti-Aging or Acne Scar Treatment Packages: 

$1095 Face only

includes 3 treatments + Full size Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar + BIOJUVE face mask

$1475 Face & Neck 

Includes 3 treatments +  Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar + BIOJUVE face mask + and Travel Size Alastin Restorative Skin Complex

Controlled microdamage to skin surface to stimulate natural collagen and elastin induction

using Skin Pen technology.  Customized packages available.

The package is the way to go. Not only will 3 services provide the most collagen stimulation and scar healing, but the package also includes $285 worth of of products. Add on neck treatment, and you receive a third product for home care - an additional $116 value.

I want you to have the best outcome. That's why I encourage purchasing a package which includes medical-grade homecare products.


After your initial 3 treatments, we will transition to a customized Microneedling+skincare maintenance program at $330/session. 

Individual microneedling sessions without homecare and without a package purchase are $400 each +$80 each additional body area.

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PRP Currently Unavailable

Check back for updated Pricing

Significantly improve your collagen and elastin stimulation by adding platelet rich plasma (PRP) to microneedling treatment. Best for severe acne scarring and prominent texture issues.

Just like with microneedling, purchasing a package is the best way to ensure a high quality outcome. The package includes medical grade skincare which improve the healing time and boost results. I want what's best for your skin--and one session generally won't cut it. 

After initial 3 sessions, we will design a customized maintenance package based on needs at $500/session.

Without the package, individual microneedling+PRP sessions are $600+$80/additional body area

Vial of Blood for PRP
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