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3 session Package: 

$1700  - includes Alastin INhance Post-injection Serum and

Alastin Travel size Restorative Skin complex 

Under eye pigmentation, puffiness, fine lines can be treated with PRP injections. Also scars, forehead lines, and neck lines can be targeted. This is a safe procedure with no chance of vascular occlusion or filler migration. Minimal downtime, and incredible results. It's not filler--but rather the PRP stimulates your body to build it's own collagen and stimulate natural rejuvenation.

1. Rx grade numbing cream to area of injections. 2. Blood draw 3. Spin the blood in centrifuge to separate plasma & red blood cells 4. Prep the skin 5. Inject the plasma into area of concern

6. Home care with Inhance post-injection serum and alastin restorative skin complex

3 sessions spaced 3-6 weeks apart with meticulous homecare in between will allow for best results. The Alastin post-injection serum will immediately help soothe skin post injection and decrease bruising (super important for under eyes!). The restorative skin complex will assist the PRP in matrix transformation. A combo that will  inevitably lead to major results.

Individual service without package $600/each + $80 each additional body area for injections

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