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2121 S. Oneida Street, Suite 626, Denver, CO, 80224

All N&T appointments are located within DewSkin Denver Medspa
Parking is free around the building. We are located on the 6th floor in Suite 626.


Concierge, Pop-up Events, Botox Parties

Concierge appointments are available for a fee of $99 per appointment. Please discuss concierge option with Laura during your initial consult.

Want to add injectables to a corporate event? Needles & Tox can come on location to gyms, offices, esthetician offices, or even picnics to provide Botox/Dysport injections and skincare. Whether it is employee appreciation or customer facing, N&T can add a touch of beauty to any event. Minimums and signed agreements apply. At least 4 weeks notice needed.

Please email Laura to inquire:

Have 3 or more friends that want to have Botox/Dysport or skin consults together in a home? Botox parties can be arranged on weekday evenings or weekends. The concierge fee is waived for parties, but there are no 'Party Pricing' discounts.  Minimum attendandnce varies on location. All Botox parties require a signed agreement prior to booking.

Email for more information.



Occasionally, appointments may still be made at DTC location. Please ask Laura for more information if you'd like to book your treatment here.

4665 South Monaco St., Denver, CO, 80237

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