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  • Laura Heffern

Beyond Denver Botox. The Humans of Needles & Tox.

Injectables are the least interesting things about my patients.

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for 6 months.

During the depths of new mom-dom, I’d dream of this. While feeding Breck in the dark nursery, my mind would wander…”how do I convey how I feel about my patients?” How do I stand out among Denver Botox providers. There’s so much a I adore about every person that walks through my door. And so little of it has to do with aesthetics.

vulnerability. grace. beauty. trust. strength.


The truth is, injections are fun. Aesthetic medicine is valuable and interesting. But, I’m not running this business because of those things. I’m here because of you. My patients. The gift of being a small part in your life. The joy of learning your story. The honor of enhancing your skin. The invitation to get to know your friends and family. The laughs, the tears, the smiles.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Injectables are the least interesting things about my patients.

I’m writing this blog to my current and my future patients. I’m writing so you can get a small glimpse of these humans of n&t. So you can applaud them like I do. So you can see yourself in their smiles and faces. So you, too, can join the family.

For my current patients, I hope you join in on the fun. I hope you enjoy these stories and magnificent photos, and, when you’re ready, you come to an event and be the star of the show. There’s no application, no minimum number of visits, this blog is for any and all of my patients. My hope is to host events 3-4 times per year. Come, be a model for a professional photo, share your story, and let your beautiful self shine.

For my future patients, I hope you see my heart and my purpose as an injector through this project. I hope you see yourself in the spot-lighted patients. My patients come from many walks of life. Aesthetics are not just for one certain crowd.

New patients, You have lots of choices when it comes to medspas and providers in Denver. If you’re looking for the least expensive, easiest to get in to, or widest variety of offerings, I may not be for you. But, if you’re looking for a medically trained nurse practitioner (with a doctorate degree) who truly cares about her people, who realizes her patients are walking billboards of her work and takes care accordingly, who is not afraid to say no, who always has your best interest at heart, I hope you give N&T a chance.

The truth is, you are more than your face. You are more than aging collagen and elastin. You are more than a pair of lips. You are more than creases in your forehead. I am here to improve these blemishes so that the real you, the interesting you, the amazing you can step into the spotlight again.

Humans of Needles & Tox

Humans of Needles & Tox (HN&T) is a spin off of the Humans of New York project. In Humans of New York acclaimed journalist Brandon Stanton documents people throughout the city of New York with pictures and a quoted snippet of their life. Sometimes the stories are funny, sometimes serious, sometimes long, sometimes short. Always genuine. By looking at one, you connect with a stranger who you would have otherwise simply passed by. By looking at the project as a whole, you connect with a city that you realize is teeming with emotion and humanity.

Humans of N&T will be an evolving project showcasing patients of Needles & Tox. A way to go beyond before and afters. An artistic project designed to appreciate my current patients and motivate newcomers.



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