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  • Laura Heffern

Sam G. An IRL influencer of Denver Dysport.

Pediatric ER Nurse. Dog Mom. The best of friends. Actual Social influencer. Adventurer.

Has convinced about a dozen of her friends to join the Denver Dysport train through needles & tox. Had filler for first time this year -- no clown faces here. Balanced and natural. At 16 she had her first kiss. But it wasn't what you'd think...

“Tell me about yourself, about your story. Whatever you want to share”//

A fun story about me is that I grew up in a very, very conservative religious household and went to a private Christian schoo. I was pretty involved in theater there, and I go the lead role my junior year of a musical. I was very excited about it.

It was a little bit risqué for the school, considering my solo was me singing a song called “naughty baby”.

Right prior to this song, I had to grab a man by the shoulders, kiss him, and dip him and say “Oh My!” in a seductive voice.

And little did everyone know, that was my first kiss.

Okay bye!

N&T patient since 2021

Skincare: larouche posay, Alastin restorative neck cream, Alastin hydrating SPF

Tox: Dysport every 4 months forehead, 11’s, crow’s, lip flip

Filler: multiple syringes lower face


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