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Josh R. Brotox & Beyond.

Healthcare executive. Denver Dog Dad. Casual Fashion icon. Recent European Explorer.

Humans of Needles & Tox Part II.

So what led you to a solo trip in Europe?//

I just wanted the time to myself to just be comfortable with the discomfort, like doing something by myself for myself. So going over there, it was doing everything that I normally would do, even if I was on like a trip with friends. But being able to do it by myself, I had the time in my head to properly relax and acknowledge anything thatmight have been lingering in my head.

I also wanted to something fun. I wanted to push past to where by end of trip I was fully relaxed. I wanted my brain to not feel … empty .. but to have worked through anything that it needed to. That way, I was able to appreciate everything around me.

There were times I looked like a typical tourist with my suitcase outside in the rain just trying to figure it out. There were times that I made genuine connections in bars or at restaurants. I let comfort go and was like I’m here in their country to experience their life.

N&T patient since 2021

N&T skincare: ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica SPF

Tox: Brotox = botox for men. But josh actually gets Dysport every 6 months to his forehead and 11s

Procedures: Microneedling with PRP (3 treatments + annual maintenance)

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