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Sara. Loving others, loving herself. A pediatric physical therapist who understands the value of Dysport and microneedling

Sara makes my day every time she comes in. She's strong. She's smart. She's in tune to those around her and has her priorities straight. She's my kind of patient.

Here's a little about her!

"I am a home health pediatric physical therapist. I've lived in Denver with my husband and 2 dogs since June 2019. I'm from Memphis, TN and also have lived in Nashville and Knoxville.

I love what I get to do for a living. My greatest joy is seeing kiddos of all ages (I treat birth to 18 years) learn new skills and hit milestones. Working in the home health setting means that I see families in their natural environments, allowing parents and siblings to be involved in sessions.

Sara is a hero working with kids with physical challenges. She helps them achieve goals and become more independent.






upper & lower face

Alastin and Isdin products

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