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Sharon. Friend for 10+ years = friend forever. (and friends who use alastin together, stay together).

Sharon is truly one of my best friends. We met during our nurse externship in Fort Worth Texas over 10 years ago. Our stories and our friendship have multiplied over the years. I am so grateful to have her by my side in Colorado. Not all my friends choose to 'do the botox thing'. That's totally fine. But, when a friend like Sharon chooses to support me, be the guinea pig for new offerings, and get excited about my business--it means so much.

Thank you Sharon. Thank you for being you. For supporting needles and tox. For everything.

"I always dreamt of living in colorado, so I chased my dreams and got into the pediatric nurse practitioner school as my excuse to be here. (And got to follow in Laura's pathway!).

Four years later, and my life is one exciting adventure after the next. I'm faculty for CU, wrapping up my doctorate, have such a strong community of amazing friends like Laura around me, and I get to chase the mountains every time I get!"

Sharon loves her:



Under Eye PRP

Alastin and Isdin skincare products

Alastin Skin Complex is a fav

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